Reiki and all other healing services SynerChi offers are not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. The services and advice provided are intended as complementary and alternative care to assist an individual in their own self healing. if a person has a serious health imbalance they should see a licensed medical doctor or other appropriate healthcare professional. Crystals, aromatherapy, and sound therapy are methods and tools the practitioner uses to assist the individual to facilitate this healing process. A Reiki treatment does not use any tissue manipulation or massage and never involves sexual contact of any sort, under any circumstance. Unethical people have been known to abuse others under the pretext of spiritual, holistic and complementary healing. Such people should be reported immediately to authorities promptly.

In no event is SynerChi liable in anyway directly or indirectly for damages resulting from information or data provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of spoken information and data shared, I, Kristianne Scheier, am an ordained Minister under the Universal Life Church as of October 21, 2015. I offer spiritual Information that is directly intended to helping others discover, acquire and activate their own abilities to heal themselves and others.

Per California State Law SB 577: SynerChi Reiki practitioners are not licensed physicians. REIKI is a complement to 'healing arts services licensed by the State', i.e., it is a complement to more traditional western medicine provided by doctors, nurses and hospitals. As a complementary or alternative medicine, REIKI does not require licensing by the state of California.