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Indvidual & Group classes available for the following types of Reiki and healing techniques:

Usui Levels 1 & 2, Art/Master, Master Teacher

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki (tm) Level 1, 2, Art/Master, Master/Teacher

Elements of Crystal Healing are infused into classes usually

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Reiki Level 1 connects a person to the divine Universal Energy known as Reiki. Here you will learn how Reiki works, its history, Symbol #1, self-protection techniques, how to clear your energetic fields and cut energetic cords. Level 1 is all about Reiki for healing the self and being a channel for pure healing energy. You will also learn how to give Reiki to family and friends as well receive a training manual and certificate.

Reiki level 2 deepens your connection to Reiki by attuning each person to 2 other ancient symbols. Here you will be given techniques to hold, control and direct energy. You will learn to send this powerful universal energy long distance, navigate through blockages and negative boundaries in your own life and open your heart to a new frequency of existence.

Reiki level 3 Art/Master and Master/Teacher is for those who want to become Masters and leading Healers. This is the ultimate connection to the cosmos through the crown chakra via the attunement to the Master Reiki Symbol. The Master Symbol is a powerful symbol that allows a person to initiate their own students and to transform their lives forever.

Note: These prices are based on the Japanese Usui system. I can cater each class with the various other Reiki training according to individuals needs. Holy Fire Karuna Reiki (tm) classes are more as they as a whole new symbol system and the attunement process is in form of ignitions