Shamanic Sage Session

This session is meant for those who need a healing on as deep of level possible. True heart coherence is integrated into this session as well Akashic Record reading and re-writing. Energetic chords and bands are released. Shamanic modalities facilitated alongside of Reiki healing as well an Individualized self-care routine created specific to client's needs. 



  • Akashic record ~ reading & re-writing

  • Light body activation

  • Crystal grid therapy

  • Sound therapy - Chakra & etheric body tuning, sound bowls

    ***All modalities utilized through channel for individual's personal needs

  • Integration of 6 Reiki systems

Kristianne, is amazing. She has a gift in which words cannot explain. The experience is helping me let go of things that don’t serve me any longer and allowing what my soul truly longs for. Getting out of my head and just being... Every time I leave within that week I am awe in how things in my life have changed already for the better  in ways I’ve never even imaged. Trust, and allow yourself to experience your time with her. You will be kissing the sky in gratitude. I am so excited to keep continuing this journey with her.

— NICOLE E - Lake Forest