Reiki Training Certification

Learning Reiki teaches one to heal themselves while holistically harmonizing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Have immediate access to hands-on-healing techniques that calm and soothe you and those you love. Instructions in clearing low vibrational energies in the spaces you live in, your belongings, as well your entire being. 


Reiki Training Options

Each level of accredited training integrates knowledge of 6 different Reiki systems and is strategically curated to couple a student's skill development and application advancement. Specialized techniques, exercises and meditations open a student up to receiving and channeling universal life force Chi energy. Upon completion of each level, the student is awarded an internationally recognized certification. Reiki courses offered through SynerChi Reiki include traditional Japanese Usui, Tibetan Usui, and Holy Fire Karuna(tm) Reiki under the school systems International Association of Reiki & International Center of Reiki Training.

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Connects you to the divine universal energy known as Reiki. Focus on healing yourself and being a channel for pure healing energy.


Deepens your connection to Reiki to be able to facilitate hands on healing to loved ones. Learn how to hold, control and direct energy.


Master/Teacher levels are for those who want to become Masters and/or Teachers of Reiki. Advanced techniques instructed with application.

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