You will learn how Reiki works, its history, the first of four symbols, self-protection techniques, how to clear your energetic fields and cut energetic cords. As well learn how to give Reiki to family and friends as well receive a training manual and certificate.

  • POWER symbol for self healing, grounding, & focus

  • History of Dr Mikao Usui & meaning of Reiki

  • Five fundamental elements of Reiki

  • The Five Precepts, symbols & mantras

  • Hand positions for healing self treatment & others

  • Receive Japanese reiju attunements

  • Advance your spirituality & metaphysical knowledge

  • The three diamonds of Japanese energetic system

~ Traditional Japanese techniques Instruction in Gassho, Kenyoku ho (Dry Bathing), Joshin kokyu ho, Seishin Toitsu, Shuchu Reiki

~ Other techniques and knowledge integrated include Chakra energy system, aura cleansing, grounding

~ Official Reiki Level 1 certification will be given at end of class

~ Can be taken in conjunction with Level 2 when offered together