My name is Kristianne Scheier

Initially a Northern California Native, I transplanted to Orange County through divine guidance to start my Journey as an Intuitive Healer. When I was 7, a unique experience contributed to my life-long vision to help heal the planet. my Initial passion of science led me to think I'd invent the perfect antidote to cure pain and suffering from disease.. A few decades later, this vision became true when I stepped into my role as a Healer.

 Rolling Green Hills of Trinity County

Rolling Green Hills of Trinity County

Growing Up

My closest mentor as a child was my Native Cherokee Indian Aunt who taught me the ways of a natural ‘living-off-the-land’ lifestyle with above all gratitude and love for all things. She taught me how to appreciate the earth and all that we are gifted with. I didn't realize it, but she also taught me Self healing techniques such as meditation through gardening, breath work, using sound as therapy and the ultimate concept as food as medicine. My workaholic mom gave more to others than herself and taught me ultimate compassion for all. From this upbringing I learned through heart centered compassion a vision for the bigger picture of the planet.

I was raised in Law Enforcement and learned Data Analytics while working on fingerprint systems and participating on multiple National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Committees. In College, I found a love for Nutrition, Biotechnology, Food Science, Breast Cancer Research, and Ultimately my grand passion of Mother-Baby and Pregnancy/Lactation Nutritional Science.. I received my degree in clinical nutrition from UC Davis in 2011 and worked on Antioxidant Research at a USDA testing facility.  In 2012, I met the first notable group of healers at an Art & Music festival. They provided healings using Reiki, Sound, Guided meditations, Crystals and led talks about Consciousness, Lucid dreaming and how to live as a heart centered community.

After this, my interest in healing skyrocketed!!! Initially I learned how to heal myself, then realize my abilities through peoples reactions to my healings. As an ordained minister, I counsel my clients in Metaphysics, spiritual guidance and self-healing techniques.. I love teaching Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children about crystals and Energy Healing too. 


I am a certified Reiki Master and Teacher of the Usui and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki systems. In addition, as a Medium, Channel, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath and Visionary, I utilize MY refined Intuition paired with healing techniques from both Western and Eastern philosophies.. I specialize in Kundalini Reiki, Chakra Balance/Alignment, and Crystal Therapy as well incorporate Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, and Aura Clearing/Protection into each individualized healing session provided. Reiki is integrated into more than 800 medical hospitals and I am currently active in incorporating such healings into the Complimentary Care program at a local orange county Hospital.

My Focus is to lessen and transmute the extensive amount of disease, pain, depression, anxiety, and all such unhealthy human states of existence. I can only hope that the healing sessions, care and space I provide will encourage all to heal themselves and step into their own unique role as healers. My big-picture goal is to assist EVERY INDIVIDUAL along their path of Enlightenment and Ascension and to ultimately HEAL THE WORLD.



My Journey with Reiki

Reiki was introduced to me while I was suffering extreme depression and heart ache from a breakup in 2012. My very first session, I went in a deep relaxed state almost feeling like I was asleep. After waking up my heart felt lighter and was not as heavy as when I first walked in. While still laying on the message table, I started to cry from a feeling deep inside of me. Not knowing why I was crying with such sorrow, it seemed as if something within me shifted and needed to be released. My past chronic bring fog and headaches seemed to take a pause and my thoughts were a lot more clear and organized. Through the grieving breakup process, I finally experienced a bit of inner peace and a light heartedness. Busy life got ahold of me and even though Reiki made such an impression to me, I did not have another appointment until 6 months later.

After my second session, a whole new world opened up to me. I realized how INCREDIBLE and EFFECTIVE the healing art of REIKI IS. I experienced vibrant visions of multi-colored auric waves and saw the visuals and interpreted wisdom of dragonflies and animals. I saw the interactions with those closest to me as well our energetic bonds being healed. I walked away that day exceptionally happy, feeling light as a feather and knowing REIKI HAD CHANGED MY LIFE.

Frequently receiving Reiki sessions has allowed me to move through life’s waves of depression, anxiety, brain fog, indecisiveness, etc with ease. I live more in my true nature and communicate from my heart instead of a reactive emotional state. The effects of Reiki session do not fade after a day or two, I can attest they are EVER CONTRIBUTING. Receiving Reiki is a tool for a person to help heal themselves and many facets of their life with each and every session.

Having Reiki in my life has introduced a NEW ERA OF SELF HEALING and I hope it encourages the same to all I give Reiki to.