My First Reiki Session, by Sophia Knapp


Energy blocks can come in many forms. Mine manifest painfully in my throat and right under my ribs in my solar plexus. Being aware of what chakras are and where they are located, I have known for a long time that I have energies and emotional blockages that need healing. These have impacted almost every aspect of my life. My throat chakra blocks affect my ability to communicate clearly, hold long conversations, and voice my truth. This has translated to and is in conjunction with my solar plexus blocks of empowerment and self-esteem. With my anxiety on the rise each day, and feeling the constant painful emotions associated with it, I finally had had enough. It struck me one day that there are people called to be healers for anyone who needs help, including myself! Just because I have studied psychology and think I know a lot about myself, doesn’t mean I can do it all on my own.

The universal stars aligned when Kristianne was brought into my life. It hadn’t been more than a few weeks that I had been searching for therapists in my area when my call for help was answered in multiple forms, one being Kristianne. As I drove down to the SynerChi Reiki building for my first session, I couldn’t help but feel my usual anxiousness. The LA traffic was a mess, and my mind was racing with the doubts and fears I battle daily. Kristianne welcomed me graciously into the serene studio. The air smelled of fresh flowers and essential oils, immediately putting me at ease. Speaking to Kristianne about my concerns came easy as her intent focus and caring demeanor made me feel important.

After our discussion she led me into a dimly lit, peaceful room where we began the Reiki session. Enjoying the soothing melodic music playing, I laid on my back, crystals lining my abdomen. I held an oval crystal in each hand, bringing added comfort to the already serene situation. Kristianne began by leading me through a guided meditation. As I imagined a star at the farthest part of the universe my imagination allowed, I was filled with gratitude and awe. After some much needed deep breathing, Kristianne began Reiki on my crown and head. Swirling currents of warmth flooded down the length of my body, pulsating and tingling each toe. My racing thoughts wanted to take me away from the moment, so I began thinking the words “thank you, thank you” to combat the distraction. As I focused intently on my breathing, my thoughts became nothing more than a train floating by. When Kristianne placed her hands over my abdomen, my solar plexus began to ache intensely. The self-doubt, fears, and worry I have been holding onto in that space refused to be let go. My solar plexus retracted against the healing light, my body convulsing. I suddenly had the urge to burst into tears, strongly longing the release of this pain. In my mind’s eye I began seeing a swirling funnel channeling light into this chakra. The impression came to me that this will take time. It took years to build up to this point, and cannot be released in one day. Kristianne proceeded to work on my back, massaging the tension in my neck and shoulders. As someone who holds stress in that area, it felt quite magical. I continued to feel the pulsing, warm fuzzy hum of Reiki healing energy throughout the remainder of the session.

When it was over, I got up and floated out of the room, my entire body feeling light and centered. Kristianne and I discussed impressions and she explained to me what she experienced over each of my chakras. She saw a gate over my throat, a wall I have built over years of not speaking my truth. It was comforting to hear that my heart however appeared open and big, mirroring the love and passion I have for others and my openness for healing. She felt intense heat over my sacral chakra, as there are some blocks there as well. Kristianne had worked to balance and center my chakra alignment, and I could tell. I left SynerChi Reiki finally feeling at ease. My thoughts had ceased their usual worries, and were filled with gratitude and creativity. The drive home was effortless, traffic fluid and I enjoyed the beautiful California sunset with a new glow.

Although there is a lot of action to take and more Reiki sessions in my future, I feel relieved to have found a source for healing and processing I haven’t had in my life before. With Kristianne’s support and a newfound confidence in my ability to heal, I have much to look forward to as this path unfolds. Feeling grateful and humbled.

Peace & Love, Sophia Knapp