DisclosureFest June 2018


One week ago I facilitated a workshop at one of LA's rapidly expanding conscious meditation festivals, DisclosureFest. This 10k plus event is a mindful yoga, music, healing arts and vegan festival in the central hub of downtown Los Angeles that brings local and global community together in a worldwide group meditation. 'Rise of the Divine Feminine & Masculine for Planetary Ascension' disclosed why it is CRUCIAL to GATHER IN COMMUNITY for your own personal healing journey as well as the entire planet. Stay connected to SoCal's expansive conscious communities GODDESSES OF GAIA & DISCLOSUREFEST. Lets rise and shine together as a collective along this path of enlightenment, supporting holistic entrepreneurs and cultivating life long friendships.


FB: https://www.facebook.com/GoddessessOfGaia/

EMAIL: GoddessessOfGaia@gmail.com


FB: http://url.ie/13fia

WEBSITE: https://disclosurefest.org/

With SO MUCH LOVE, Kristianne