Love Long Beach Festival

Love Long Beach Festival

Love Long Beach Festival was truly a remarkable journey. The Opening & Closing Ceremonies were led by powerful Spiritual Guides that came from all walks of wisdom from the Angelic Healer, Hopi Tribe, & Indian Guru. SYNERCHI REIKI held a plush healing sanctuary for the 2nd year of participation. The Cultivate Your Consciousness workshop was a huge success & taught over 40+ attendees tips & tricks of navigating through this beautiful path of Enlightenment. Look out for this consciousness event next year July!!!

Goddess Rising Within


The first week of May, I shared an idea with a friend about holding ceremonies for women. by the 2nd week this same friend of mine & I decided to sponsor a  documentary called Goddess Project the first week of June. The 3rd week of May a small ceremonial meditation circle my collaborative partner Tonya & I held space and lit a flame for all those whom our message and education was to reach. A strong and loud clairaudient message came through this evening to ensure we were on the right path. The first week of June was the documentary screening. A full 4 hour workshop including ceremony was held as well 55 people attended including my mom who divinely blessed the evening. Our purpose to support and create a community from both men & women to heal eachother and planet earth was heard. The documentary Goddess Project encourages the growth and development of women's groups and paints an incredible picture of what the world would look like if we came together as a community as well in Sacred Sisterhood. This was the start to something incredible with a guiding divine force that there was no way to look back. I must say, I was not expecting anything like this. Not only did I come into a space of healing my own throat chakra, Tonya did as well. All in all, this beautiful project provided a platform for all who wish to join. Please find this group (women only) and page (co-ed) on Facebook as GODDESS RISING WITHIN  and stay connected always with our heart. 

SynerChi Reiki on NAV.INK

International Yoga Day Tuesday June 21st, 2016!!! I am excited for this day as the 2nd annual IYD since 2014 when the United Nations declared it a internationally recognized day. Last year I attended a Conscious Festival in Joshua Tree National Forest that held blessing ceremonies for the land and world healing, laughter yoga & meditation workshops, as well various healings were shared amongst the community. I cant wait to hear about this years focus and what the dedication will be.  

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UCLA Study Conveys "Reiki Really Works"

A study conducted by UCLA backs that Reiki really does work Using The Touchstone Process. This evidence-based research method was developed by William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training and unvailed through numerous case studies, Reiki "significantly reduced stress, anxiety and depression". Placebo groups were provided false treatments and "showed no reduction in stress, anxiety or depression." This TouchStone Process as well has validated Reiki to have significantly assisted with other such ailments and disorders as "Post operative pain after tooth extraction, Cognition in elderly, related to dementia/Alzheimers, Pre-operative relaxation and post-op pain, Pain in chronically ill patients, Depression and stress, Well-being in Reiki practitioners."

This articles demonstrates clinical research of Reiki as a complimentary care service and I hope provides a valid working model to those unfamiliar with Reiki. Holistic and complimentary care I feel is essential as forms of preventative medicine the general public has control over to HEAL THEMSELVES. Once we put our health in the hands of solely Western practices, we loose the ability to manage our own health when prescription medications are in our body systems. If more people would consider preventative medicine over symptomatic medicine, the world would have a significantly lower amount of disease and illness as well side-effects illnesses.