DisclosureFest June 2018

One week ago I facilitated a workshop at one of LA's rapidly expanding conscious meditation festivals, DisclosureFest. This 10k plus event is a mindful yoga, music, healing arts and vegan festival in the central hub of downtown Los Angeles that brings local and global community together in a worldwide group meditation. 'Rise of the Divine Feminine & Masculine for Planetary Ascension' disclosed why it is CRUCIAL to GATHER IN COMMUNITY for your own personal healing journey as well as the entire planet. Stay connected to SoCal's expansive conscious communities GODDESSES OF GAIA & DISCLOSUREFEST. Lets rise and shine together as a collective along this path of enlightenment, supporting holistic entrepreneurs and cultivating life long friendships.

What Are Chakras

Have you ever wondered why people tend to hold their hands to their hearts when moved, or when feeling intuitive say something like ,”I feel it in my gut”? This is no coincidence, as different areas in our bodies collect specific feelings and energies. These energy centers are known as Chakras and are based around the body’s organ systems. There are actually hundreds in the body, but there are 7 main Chakras that form a line from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. When Chakras are aligned and open, we feel an overall sense of well being. When these energy vortices close down we are unable to function at our highest potential. Having an awareness of your Chakras can greatly impact the quality and flow of your life.

Reiki Level 1, A Student’s Experience

The attunement process was powerful, and one I will never forget. We entered a state of deep guided meditation, followed by Ms. Galactica attuning each of us individually. At first I felt a subtle, tingling in my fingers. As the drums beat behind me and my meditation went deeper, I began to feel my two largest energy blockages pound within me. My throat and solar plexus suddenly seemed to become solid masses, beating in unison. The words, “you can let go of this” continually repeated in my thoughts. I began to shed tears of release, now feeling a white light engulf me. As I was attuned with the sacred symbols of Reiki, I could feel a pulsing throughout my body from my hands to my feet. I slowly released the tension in my throat and solar plexus, breathing and allowing the healing to work within me. My body began to buzz with a warm fuzzy energy. I continued to feel this comforting hum the remainder of the day.

My First Reiki Session, by Sophia Knapp

Energy blocks can come in many forms. Mine manifest painfully in my throat and right under my ribs in my solar plexus. Being aware of what chakras are and where they are located, I have known for a long time that I have energies and emotional blockages that need healing. These have impacted almost every aspect of my life. My throat chakra blocks affect my ability to communicate clearly, hold long conversations, and voice my truth. This has translated to and is in conjunction with my solar plexus blocks of empowerment and self-esteem. With my anxiety on the rise each day, and feeling the constant painful emotions associated with it, I finally had had enough. It struck me one day that there are people called to be healers for anyone who needs help, including myself! Just because I have studied psychology and think I know a lot about myself, doesn’t mean I can do it all on my own.


On March 8th 2018, tens of thousands of women gathered in sister circles around the globe, synchronizing in meditation with the intention to heal within, empower each other, and transform the world. Aligning with the globally synchronized sister circle meditation was powerful!!! The meditation was a Heart based meditation and we all laid down in a circle and journey into oneness together. Afterwards we shared intimate heart based connections through vulnerable discussions involving past sister friendships that went wrong, forgiveness, and a new vision of unity. We cried and held each other in a warm embrace while honoring each of our journeys.

Love Long Beach Festival

Love Long Beach Festival

Love Long Beach Festival was truly a remarkable journey. The Opening & Closing Ceremonies were led by powerful Spiritual Guides that came from all walks of wisdom from the Angelic Healer, Hopi Tribe, & Indian Guru. SYNERCHI REIKI held a plush healing sanctuary for the 2nd year of participation. The Cultivate Your Consciousness workshop was a huge success & taught over 40+ attendees tips & tricks of navigating through this beautiful path of Enlightenment. Look out for this consciousness event next year July!!!

2nd International Day of Yoga

International Yoga Day Tuesday June 21st, 2016!!! I am excited for this day as the 2nd annual IYD since 2014 when the United Nations declared it a internationally recognized day. Last year I attended a Conscious Festival in Joshua Tree National Forest that held blessing ceremonies for the land and world healing, laughter yoga & meditation workshops, as well various healings were shared amongst the community. I cant wait to hear about this years focus and what the dedication will be.  

UCLA Study Conveys "Reiki Really Works"

A study conducted by UCLA backs that Reiki really does work Using The Touchstone Process. This evidence-based research method was developed by William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training and unvailed through numerous case studies, Reiki "significantly reduced stress, anxiety and depression". Placebo groups were provided false treatments and "showed no reduction in stress, anxiety or depression." This TouchStone Process as well has validated Reiki to have significantly assisted with other such ailments and disorders as "Post operative pain after tooth extraction, Cognition in elderly, related to dementia/Alzheimers, Pre-operative relaxation and post-op pain, Pain in chronically ill patients, Depression and stress, Well-being in Reiki practitioners."