SynerChi Reiki provides individually designed intuitive healing services to assist one in balancing their mental, physical, and spiritual elements in life. Reiki is a reemerging Japanese form of alternative holistic energy medicine that has been around since the beginning of time. Based on the universal energetic system known as the Chi (or Ki), Reiki can be received by absolutely everyone to aid in clearing energetic blockages one may have developed. Blockages include any form of depression, anxiety, disease, pain, stress and ALL unhealthy human states of experience.

A session consists of one laying atop a message table while the practitioner guides hands over specific energetic centers along the body.  Reiki is administered through the hands of the practitioner allowing the client to activate their own Chi to heal themselves within. Traditional Reiki techniques are utilized as well newly developed healing modalities are integrated into every individualized healing session. Specialty services of SynerChi Reiki include Chakra Balance and Alignment, Crystal Therapy, Pregnancy Reiki, Recovery as well Family healing support services.


Learning Reiki teaches one to heal themselves while holistically harmonizing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Have immediate access to hands on healing techniques that calm and soothe you and those you love. Instructions in clearing low vibrational energies in the spaces you live in, your belongings, as well your being. Each level of accredited education is curated strategically to couple a student's advancement in their skills and growth in their practice. Specialized exercises and meditations open a student up to channeling healing universal Chi energy as well upon completion, an internationally recognized certification is awarded. Reiki courses offered through SynerChi Reiki include Traditional & Tibetan Usui (Instruction by International Association of Reiki & International Center of Reiki Training) and Holy Fire Karuna(tm) Reiki.



Reiki is a form of universal energy healing energy that works with a persons Chi or Ki. Creates a sense of peace, balance, & focus of one's Mental, Emotional, & Physical energies...



Reiki Level 1, 2 & Mastery courses provide    Hands-On Healing techniques taught to Heal oneself and those around them. Clear your space & self of negative energies...



Revitalize your Mind, Body, Spirit's energetic centers with this specialized session. Chakra attuning techniques used that bring a sense balance back to a healthy original state...



Kristianne is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT) of Medicalβ„’ Reiki, traditional Japanese Usui, Tibetan and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki systems. She additionally specializes in Kundalini Reiki, Mother-Baby Reiki, Chakra Balance/Alignment and Crystal Therapy. Kristianne incorporates Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Aura Clearing/Protection and many other modalities into each individualized healing session out of her SynerChi Reiki healing sanctuary in Orange County.

As an Intuitive Healer, Kristianne is clairvoyant, clairaudient, a sensitive empath and visionary. She utilizes refined intuition paired with healing techniques from both western and eastern philosophies. She worked at HOAG Hospital for 2 years facilitating Reiki as complimentary care to patients with chronic pain, pre & post-surgery operations, to those in the Mother-Baby unit as well on hospice. Kristianne is curator of the co-ed group Goddess Rising Within & woman's circle Goddesses of Gaia, both SoCal based holistic healing educational communities. In support to her belief that all children have special gifts to contribute to the planet’s healing, she teaches kids Reiki, mindfulness and crystal energy healing as well.

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